Secure Your Family’s Future in Croatia's Most Promising District: An In-Depth Look at Porta Split and the Rise of Mejaši, Split City

Split, Croatia’s picturesque city by the Adriatic Sea, has always been synonymous with history, culture, and unparalleled natural beauty.

Now, it’s making a name for itself as a real-estate investment hotspot, particularly in its rising star — the Mejaši district.

Mejaši has transformed itself from a neglected area into a thriving community.

PORTA GROUP, renowned for their state-of-the-art residential projects, is amplifying this transformation with their latest venture, the Porta Split Residential Complex.

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PORTA GROUP’s Pledge to Families

PORTA GROUP is not just in the business of real estate; they’re in the business of shaping communities. The company’s vision transcends bricks and mortar, focusing on creating safe, secure, and family-friendly environments. This is evident in their sustained commitment to post-construction maintenance, a feature that sets them apart from other developers. They don’t just build; they maintain, which ensures a peaceful, worry-free lifestyle for all residents.

Why Choose Porta Split?

Porta Split offers more than just middle-class apartments. The quality of materials used is exceptionally high, from the ventilated façades to water floor heating systems. Furthermore, clients have the flexibility to choose finishing materials, tailoring their homes to personal preferences. Some units even come with private gardens, enabling a richer community experience and an enhanced lifestyle for families.

Porta Split; PORTA GROUP; Mejaši Split City; Croatian Real Estate;, Porta SPLIT project

The Rise of Mejaši, Split City

If you’re looking to invest in a growing, vibrant community, Mejaši should be at the top of your list.

Once a neglected district, it has blossomed into a self-sufficient neighborhood, attracting a wave of young families and investors.

With a recent influx of modern residential buildings and a slew of accompanying facilities—pharmacies, parks, playgrounds, and schools—Mejaši has everything a family could desire.

Infrastructure for Tomorrow

Perhaps one of the most striking features of Mejaši is its robust infrastructure.

The district is linked to the heart of Split through ‘Vukovarska street,’ a long thoroughfare set to extend to the city’s outskirts.

This development will further streamline the commute between Mejaši and key locations in Split, including the ferry port, railway, and bus stations. In addition to this, multiple city buses serve the district, and for those looking for quick access to other parts of Croatia, the Split bypass connects seamlessly with the A1 highway in Dugopolje.

Porta Split; PORTA GROUP; Mejaši Split City; Croatian Real Estate;, Porta SPLIT project

Amenities and Lifestyle

One of the significant advantages of living in the Porta Split Residential Complex is the proximity to essential amenities. The district boasts a newly built school, complete with a modern sports hall. The “Pinokio” city kindergarten has also been recently established in a newly constructed building, offering high-quality early education for your little ones. A lush park filled with content for the youngest family members further adds to Mejaši’s family-centric environment. And let’s not forget the shopping haven that is Mall of Split and City Center One Split, a commercial juggernaut that not only provides an extensive shopping experience but also employment opportunities.

Investing in the Future is Investing in Porta Split

When you invest in Porta Split, you are not merely buying property; you’re buying into a future—a future where the neighborhood thrives in unity, where your children can safely play in well-maintained parks, and where you can access any part of the city with ease. You’re buying into a project that is backed by PORTA GROUP‘s years of real-estate expertise and unwavering commitment to quality.

Porta Split; PORTA GROUP; Mejaši Split City; Croatian Real Estate;, Porta SPLIT project

Why Porta Group?

The combination of a growing district, the credibility of a well-established developer like PORTA GROUP, and the modern amenities provided by Porta Split make for an irresistible package for any Croatian family looking to secure a prosperous future.

The district has moved from being a run-down area to a place teeming with life and opportunities, making it an ideal spot for real-estate investment.


Porta Split in Mejaši is more than just a residential complex. It’s an embodiment of what modern living should be—a blend of convenience, quality, and a sense of community.

For Croatian families in search of an investment that offers not just financial returns but also an enriched lifestyle, there’s no looking past Porta Split by PORTA GROUP.

Ready to take the next step towards securing your family's future? Contact us today to discover how Porta Split in Mejaši can become your dream Croatian home.