PORTA GROUP is an innovative company making its mark on the Croatian market with more than 15 years of expertise in construction and project management.

Our mission is to create successful, cutting-edge, and reliable projects that set new standards for the industry.

We strive to be the trusted partner for anyone seeking a house for sale in Croatia.

But we are more than just a construction company, our core values revolve around integrity, respect, and trust, ensuring every aspect of our business is dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients and business partners.

PORTA GROUP; Croatian Real Estate; Construction Expertise; Swiss Quality; Sustainable Projects, Porta SPLIT project


At PORTA GROUP, sustainability and enhancing the local community’s quality of life are at the heart of our projects. These guiding principles shape every stage of our endeavors, from meticulous planning to the final stages of construction. As a result, our projects leave a positive, lasting impact not only on those directly involved but also on our planet and its future.


Drawing from Swiss expertise, Porta Group collaborates with Ruetli Venture Capital Group (RVC Group), a Swiss-based company founded by seasoned entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and project managers. Our partnership allows us to deliver cost-effective and technologically advanced real estate projects, backed by a global network of partner architects, developers, and manufacturers. The hallmark of world-renowned Swiss quality is evident throughout our projects, from their design and engineering to their finalization.

PORTA GROUP; Croatian Real Estate; Construction Expertise; Swiss Quality; Sustainable Projects, Porta SPLIT project


At PORTA GROUP, we value integrity in all our endeavors. Our residential and business solutions are built to stand the test of time, offering lasting, high-quality, and advanced properties tailored to meet your unique needs. Our cooperative approach is built on trust, integrity, and mutual respect, ensuring that every interaction with us is a positive and fulfilling experience.

If you are looking for a house for sale in Croatia, let us be your guide.

At PORTA GROUP, we are committed to bringing you exceptional real estate solutions with integrity and innovation at their core.

We invite you to explore the full spectrum of our diverse projects to better understand the depth of our expertise and innovation.

For a comprehensive look at all that we offer, please visit our main website at www.portagroup.hr

If you’re particularly interested in exploring our current marquee real-estate endeavor, the Borik Residential project in the scenic city of Zadar, more detailed information is available at borik.portagroup.hr