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Located near the city center, Porta Split Project offers easy access to Split’s bustling heart.

The district is served by city buses number 3, 6, and 18, providing direct connectivity to other parts of the city.

The long ‘Vukovarska ulica’ that passes through the district facilitates quick access to the city center and connects to the very exit from Split, linking Mejasi to the heart of Split, including the ferry port, and the railway and bus station.

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Mejaši is the largest city district in Split, covering over 360 hectares and home to a growing population. Its strategic location allows for quick access to the city center through the major street ‘Vukovarska ulica’, which is set to extend all the way to the exit from Split, connecting Mejasi directly to the heart of the city, including the ferry port, railway, and bus station.

This burgeoning neighborhood is witnessing significant growth, with numerous new residential buildings emerging.

While it was previously known for its lack of amenities and neglect, Mejaši has undergone a remarkable transformation and is now recognized as a promising area of interest to many investors.


In recent years, Mejaši has flourished into a self-sustaining urban hub, featuring essential facilities like a pharmacy, a school equipped with a sports hall, and the largest shopping center in Dalmatia, City Center One Split. The shopping center caters not only to the residents of Mejaši but also employs people from the district and neighboring areas, adding to the community’s dynamic and diverse character.

Porta Group Split Location; Porta Split Residential Complex; Split Real Estate; Properties in Split, Porta SPLIT project

Families will appreciate the convenience of having children’s parks, playgrounds, and a nearby city kindergarten, making Mejaši an ideal location for a comfortable and family-oriented lifestyle. Embrace a modern and enjoyable living experience in the thriving Mejaši neighborhood, where the blend of amenities, shopping convenience, and a strong sense of community makes it an exceptional place to call home.


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